Fan speed control FC9
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1-4 fan speed control /For: AUTOTERM CHX

Product information:

AUTOTERM FC9 is a fan speed controller that goes perfectly together with the AUTOTERM CHX heating matrix.

FC9 is equipped with 4 sliders for smooth fan speed control. These 4 sliders can each be connected to a CHX heating matrix or each slider can be connected to an individual AUTOTERM CHX fan for even more precise control as each CHX heating matrix is equipped with 2 fans. This controller can be used together with AUTOTERM CHM36 thermal fan controller for best control of AUTOTERM CHX heating matrix.

Technical parameters:
Power output: up to 50W per channel 
DC Input: +12V (standard 4-pin connector) 
DC Output: 0V-12V DC 
Control Channels: 4 
LED Colour: White, Blue, Green, 
Cyan, Red, Purple, Yellow

Dimension: 148.5 x 42.5 x 75 mm 

Front body: Aluminium

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