Expansion tank / Coolant accumulator tank
Assy: 5445
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Capacity: 8 L

Product information:

This 8 L expansion tank is meant for use in heating systems that are independent of the vehicle engine.

Use it as an expansion tank or as a hot coolant accumulator tank. Equipped with 3 inlets/outlets with 1/2’’ thread size on the bottom and with 1 1/2’’ thread on the side plastic cap for a 220/110V heating element. 

The pressure cap that is included in the supply kit has a pressure release at 0.9 bar.

To reduce the expansion tank's overall length it is possible to remove the right side plastic cap.

Recommended parts:

AT0066 - Brass cap with thread: 1/2''

AT0067 - Brass cap thread: 1 1/2''

AT0063 - Brass hose adapter with thread: 1/2'' / OD: 16 mm

* Fittings/plugs for water hose connections are not included in the supply kit

* 220/110V heating element is not included in the supply kit.