Domestic water kit
Assy: AT7-0018-CB
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Installation kit for AUTOTERM combiBOIL

Product information:

A domestic water heating kit for installing with:

All AUTOTERM 7-liter, 9-liter, and 12-liter combiBOIL models;

5 kW passive plate heat exchanger (Assy: FR064);

10 kW passive plate heat exchanger (Assy: FR007).

It includes:

Cold water hose - Assy: AT7-0008-CB (4m)

Hot water hose - Assy: AT7-0008-CB (4m)

Pressure pump 1,4Bar - Assy: AT7-0010-CB (1pce)

Pressure tank - Assy: AT7-0012-CB (1pce)

Inlet filter - Assy: AT7-0013-CB (1pce)

1/2'' to 10mm connectors - Assy: AT7-0011-CB (3pcs)

Hose T-pieces 10x10x10 - Assy: AT7-0014-CB (2pcs)

Hose connector 10mm - Assy: AT7-0015-CB (1pce)

Spring clamps 15,7-16.5mm - Assy: AT7-0016-CB (18pcs)

Male brass hose adapters 1/2' to 10mm - Assy: AT7-0017-CB (5pcs)

Warning! This kit doesn't include the combiBOIL5kW or 10kW plate heat exchangers, water tank, thermostatic mixing valve, and the domestic water system itself (see in product photos).

Manufactured by Lilie GmbH & Co. KG,  Germany

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